English(article about air travel)

You teacher has asked you to write a short article about air travel!Use the plan below!(only 130-150 words)


1) Introduction
introduce topic,state your opinion
2) Main Body
viewpoints & reasons
opposing viewpoints & reasons
3) Conclusion
summarise/restate your opinion

Условие к заданию,использовать в каждом абзаце слова: Also,Firstly,Secondly,In addition,Moreover,On ther other hand,However..(не все,только там где уместно)

До понедельника
Many people are riding by air traveling. They love to ride like that because it's faster. However, many people don't think that riding by airplane is safe. They are scared to ride it and trying not to use it very much. Also, many people are traveling on air ride, because they love food which stuardess is giving them. In addition, there is everything is more comfortable than on the ship. For example, on the ship can be a lot of disturbances, and on the airplane most of the time is nice and comfortable. On other hand, not many people can afford traveling on 1st class, so ship is more perfect for them. In conclusion, air traveling is faster, but a lot expensive than ship, train or anything else.

п.с. писала не с ворда, сколько слов не знаю. и если опаздала, извини.
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